PUBG vs Fornite, This is gunna be fun

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Dec 31, 2017
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Alright so I've been around the block when it comes to A vs B. especially when it comes to gaming such as Xbox vs Playstation (I have a PS so...) and Overwatch vs TF2 (I enjoy both games). However, I have NEVER seen so toxicity coming from any two sides ever. It has become apparent that anyone that plays fortnite will fight tooth and nail against anyone that plays PUBG, and vice versa. Why am I making this post? Good question. As much as I'd like to write an essay comparing the two games, It's 11 and I'm tired so I might make a more detailed post, might not, but heres the big thing. Why does everyone care so much? Since when do you have any right to critique the games I play. I play what I enjoy and so should everyone else. Do you play PUBG? Okay cool, no need to insult someone who plays fortnite. There is such a simple solution and if everyone just got along, there would be no more toxicity. And to those who disagree with me, allow me to give my imput:

Minecraft Hunger Games>PUBG=Fornite


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Jul 16, 2017
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Well here's a response from someone who's played both games.

PUBG has multiple larger maps, a more versatile weapon and equipment system, vehicles and realistic scenery. On the other hand, it can be very buggy, difficult to master and is full price.

Fortnite is free, made by a popular company, somewhat less buggy and brings more creative and unique elements into the genre (even if it was released after PUBG). On the other hand, there is only one map and a less versatile range of equipment for the player as well as matches lasting less time. The game also has a very attractive cartoon-like appearance.

Simply put, if you want a solid battle royale how it's normally supposed to be played, go for PUBG. If you want a battle royale with different characteristics and for free, go for Fortnite.
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Jan 31, 2018
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My opinion by a long mile is fortnite. PUBG is far too realistic in my opinion, I prefer the cartoon based game.
EpicGames as a company (who run fortnite) release new content every Thursday and keep the game fun to continuously play, especially considering my irl friends play it.
New weapons are released regularly and fun gamemodes are created. Not only is the game much more relaxed and a lot more fun to play (for me) I don't need to stress about insane jump scares and despite all the shouting at my friends over the mic, probably the best game ever.
(This is just my opinion ;))
Ty duck xD
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