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Punishment Guidelines
Send any inquiries about offenses not listed here to any senior-admin or above.
Warnings must be given before punishing, unless it is in the permanent ban category or is marked with an asterisk.
If an offense has two asterisks, then it can only be handled by 18+ staff.
You may extend a punishment beyond the set time stated by the guidelines if you feel like it is necessary and can justify your actions.

Click here for the Jailbreak punishment guidelines.
Click here for the Discord punishment guidelines.
Click here for the Forum punishment guidelines.

Increasing Punishments Lengths
If the user has received more than five bans, the user is subject to a permanent ban.
Players should be warned that their next punishment is permanent (always in the case of communications.)
Time is in minutes.

For 60 min offenses (mutes/gags): 60 -> 240 -> 720 -> 1440 -> 4320 -> 10080 -> 0.
For 60 min offenses (bans): 60 -> 240 -> 720 -> 1440 -> 4320 -> 10080 -> 0.
For 1-day offenses: 1440 -> 4320 -> 10080 -> 20160 -> 0.
For 1-week offenses: 10080 -> 40320 -> 0.

  • A player must be warned about their next permanent communication ban unless they have a warning in their previous one and that punishment is at least 1 week long.
    • The exception is immediate permanent offenses.
    • All permanent communication bans should be silences.
  • All punishments scale within their own type of punishment (ban, comm, or guardban.)
    • For example, a 60 minute ghosting gag would stack with a 60 minute mic spam mute, making it a 120 minute mute.
      • However, if someone is banned 60 minutes for Spawncamp, it would not stack with a 60 minute spam mute.

60 minutes:

  • Spawn camping | Guidelines
    • Make sure to make use of /warn, and possibly use sm_destroy for Sentry-camping prior to punishments.
  • Simple exploits such as the Flying Guillotine-through-glass exploit or Teleporters into spawn.
    • If possible, use sm_destroy for Teleporters into spawn prior to punishments.
  • Reaching to a spot with the use of a glitch/exploit.
    • Reaching to these spots is okay if it is not possible to shoot through, obstructing actual map gameplay. (Example: Top of trade_plaza_2 is fine.)
  • Trolling via. game. This includes actions such as:
    • Blocking Sniper views.
    • Pointing out Spies.
    • Spamming Pan when asked to stop.
    • Severe Intel-spam.
      • These should be warned for first.
  • *Spam (mute/gag).
  • Pointless arguing with staff.
  • Encouraging rule-breaking.
    • *With rewards (e.g. credits, Freeday) (ban).
    • If encouraging a severe offense, the ban length can be extended.
  • *Revealing staff.
  • Speaking languages other than English (mute).
  • Spreading false information.
    • Can be 1440 minutes if severe.
  • Deathrun:
    • Fake freerun.
    • Favoritism.
    • Delaying.
1 Day (1440 minutes):
  • *Use of Slurs/Hate Speech (not directed towards a user/malicious.)
  • Baiting slur(s) or using slur variations. (Warning, then 1-day ban.)
  • *Disrespect against community or staff.
  • *Serious disrespect.
    • Serious disrespect implies it is more personal and/or frequent.
    • Examples include telling someone to kill themselves (if clear intent to cause harm/injure others), copious amounts of normal insults, and insulting someone based on a non background trait (not race, gender, etc) they have (like a speech impediment).
  • Serious arguing with staff.
  • Abusing VIP commands.
    • Can only be dealt with by admins and above.
  • **Sexually-explicit/NSFW content over text-/voice-chat.
    • Depending on the severity and the content of the messages, this can be longer than 1440 min., or a permanent ban if it encompasses illegal topics.
    • Linking NSFW content falls under this.
  • False reports (guide).
  • Exploiting server plugins (e.g. taunt-killing while /friendly).
  • Trading TF2 items for credits & vice-versa.
  • Acting as if they are staff (impersonating being staff).
  • Advertising cheats (if it's an obvious joke).
1 Week (10080 minutes):
  • *Serious/Malicious Hate speech (racism, homophobia, etc.)
  • Continuous targetted harassment of a user.
  • Sharing direct addresses (IPs/URLs) to other communities/servers (excluding Brew Crew & EU Studs) without intent to advertise (website to check server IPs).
  • *Avoiding punishment with an alt account (if the punishment is a server ban under 1 week long, teamban under 1 day long, mute, or gag).
    • Can only be dealt with by admins and above.
    • (guide)
  • Actively assisting cheaters (If severe, can be permanent)
Permanent (0 minutes):
  • **Spray/Objector ban (/spray): Inappropriate or NSFW sprays/Objectors/decals.
  • Raiding.
    • Raiding is defined as multiple players coordinating to commit severe, disruptive rule violations (e.g. toxicity, racism, mass freekilling).
  • With permission from a Head-Admin, a player may be permanently banned outside of scaling if they are consistently:
    • Ruining the experience of a majority of players and staff.
    • Violating relatively severe rules (e.g. hate speech, spreading misinformation).
  • Impersonating a specific staff (taking their name and claiming to be them).
  • Deliberately advertising other communities/servers (excluding Brew Crew & EU Studs).
  • Serious disrespect against community.
    • This would include spreading malicious/false information about the community.
  • Cheats/hacks of any kind (guide).
  • Spamming/advertising a cheat in-game.
  • Avoiding punishment with an alt account (if the punishment is a server ban 1 week in length or longer, or a teamban 1 day in length or longer).
    • Can only be dealt with by admins and above.
    • (guide)
  • Threatening to DDoS or dox.
  • Threatening to harm servers or staff.
  • Crashing servers intentionally.
  • **Behavior that encompasses pedophilia and/or other illegal topics.
    • Double-asterisk is only for pedophilia and related topics.
  • Major server exploits that disrupt gameplay severely.
  • Scamming or any other form of trade fraud.
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Update (30/09/22)
  • Removed a few punishment scale lengths.
  • Removed Simple Disrespect as a punishable offense. (/ignore will work in these cases)
  • Reaching spots due to exploits is now 60 minutes instead of 1 day.
  • Hate speech targetted towards users/malicious is now a one week ban.
  • Continous targetted harassment is now a one week ban.
  • Malicious/false information spread about the community is now a permanent ban.
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