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Jul 11, 2017
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What is staff about?

A staff member is a player who keeps our platforms safe from anyone who breaks the rules. Our responsibilities include dealing with cheaters, exploiters, hate speech, inappropriate content, and more. You are also a mediator between players, which may mean you'll need to step in if an argument gets out of hand. We also keep the forums and Discord clean by dealing with inflammatory messages, fights between users, and spammers/raiders; much of the same issues that pop up on the servers.

You should join not only because you are going to be helping the community, but also because you'll also be respected by some of the community members you help.

However, we do have requirements. You must be 13-years-old or above to join, no exceptions. You also must be able to speak and understand English fluently, have no active punishments, have a certain amount of forum posts and TF2 hours, etc. A full list of our mandatory and dispensable requirements can be found on the application format.
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Jul 11, 2017
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Before Applying
  • You must meet all of the mandatory requirements! Missing any of them are grounds for an immediate decline of your application.
    • You can miss only one of the dispensable requirements. Missing more than one of them is also grounds for a decline.
    • Requirements must be met prior to applying, not during the application process.
  • Note that you should never ask staff members to check out your application. This shows us that you have no patience at all. Patience is the key, young Padawan.
  • Be sure to revise your application, as you can not edit it 5 minutes after it is posted. Do not create a new thread just for this, as it will get both your applications declined.
  • If your first application is declined, you may reapply one month later. You must wait the same time if your second and third applications are declined. However, after a fourth decline, you must wait 3 months; fifth decline 6 months. After a sixth decline, you may not reapply without permission from a Head-Admin.
    • These waiting times apply for both forums and Discord staff applications.
  • If you wish to have your application withdrawn, it is an automatic decline and must follow the bulletin above or wait two months, whichever is greater.
Fill out the application form below: [copy & paste] & make a thread in this forum!

Mandatory requirements (you cannot miss any of these):

  • No active punishments on the community. | Info [ | ]
  • At least 13 years old (18+ preferred). [ | ]
  • Have a server connection time at least 72 hours. [ | ]
  • Public Steam profile for the duration of the application. [ | ]
  • You must have created a forum account/joined discord for two weeks. [ | ]

Dispensable requirements (you can miss only one of these):
  • No VAC/game ban(s) within the past year. | Info [ | ]
  • No limited Steam account. | Info [ | ]
  • If you are missing a requirement, please explain why:

Personal Info:
  1. Your Steam ID:
  2. Your Discord handle:
  3. Your preferred pronouns:
  4. Your birthdate:
  5. Where are you from (timezone/country)?
  6. Do you speak any languages other than English? If so, which?

  1. When are you mostly available to administrate on the servers? Please be specific.
  2. Which server(s) do you usually play on?
  3. Have you ever held a staff position for another community?
    • If so, which community was it, what position did you hold, what were your duties, and how long were you there?
    • Do you have experience using SourceMod?
  4. Why should we accept you into the team?
  5. Do you have anything else to comment/add?

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Nov 20, 2018
Application Update (30/09/22)
  • Removed requirement for TF2 hours.
  • Removed question 5.
  • Reworded question 6 (now 5).
  • Removed microphone requirement.
  • Forum/Discord account requirement now is 2 weeks on both (no reports between each required).
  • Increased Server connection time to 72 hours from 48 hours.
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