Technical Reports (mostly Jailbreak)


Sentinel ★
Jul 15, 2017
Date: 13 June 2019

Server IP/Gamemode: Any with !rtd and !friendly (so pretty much trade).
Bug: You are able to kill people in friendly status with the Timebomb RTD. There may be more RTD effects that can kill friendly users, but this is the only one I've seen myself.

Server IP/Gamemode: All
Bug: Reserved VIP slots just doesn't work. I've tried various times to make use of it, but it just treats me as if I was a normal user (in other words, it says the game is full).

Server IP/Gamemode:
Bug: This isn't really a bug but on this server when the Hide and Seek LR is done, it says that inmates have 90 seconds to hide even though it is the standard 3 minute hiding time like on other servers.

If I find any other issues I'll edit it in (or add as a reply to this thread if I can't edit).