Pending Scorch's Second Application


I am not me
★ VIP ★
Dec 24, 2018
  • No VAC/Game ban(s) on record | Info [ ✔ ]
  • Clean [+]SteamREP | Info [ ✔ ]
  • No active bans on the community. | Info [ ✔ ]
  • Member in our steam group | Info [ ✔ ]
  • At least 16+ years old (preferred 18+) [ ✘ ]
  • Team Fortress 2 playtime: 600+ hours [ ✔ ]
  • No limited/F2P Steam account. | Info [ ✔ ]
  • Forum account created at least 2 weeks prior to the application [ ✔]
  • You must have sufficient English skills. [ ✔ ] *
  • You must have a server connection time of more than: 48+ hours [ ✔ ] *
  • Owning and using a discord account [ ✔ ] *
  • No private Steam profile. [ ✔ ] *
  • You must have sufficient forum activity. (At least 15+ posts!)
Age (dd/mm/yy): 5/2/2004 (15)
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Do you have a working microphone?: Yes
How good is your English? (rating: 0 - 10): 7
Will you be able to help donate monthly?: No


1. At what times are you mostly available to administrate on the servers?:

12:00 Am - 5:00 Am PT. These times will be bound to change due to my schedule.

2. Have you ever held an administrator or moderator position for another community? If so, what position did you hold and for how long did/have you hold/held it?:

I have not.

3. How do you feel your acceptance as a Server Administrator and Forum Moderator will effect the community?:

Although the current staff is doing a good job I understand that the admins actually have lives outside of moderating the servers so I will be able to take the load off of them and hopefully reduce the stress. I will be able to punish those that willingly break rules whether it be muting/gagging/kicking etc as well as settle any arguments that may occur. I am overall quite chill and don’t really have many fights with other people so I believe I will be able to fit right in.

4. How would you improve the community/servers overall?:

I will be able to moderate those that break rules knowingly with whatever punishment they deserve as well as help those that don’t really understand what they have done wrong. I am quite active in-game especially on jailbreak so the presence of a moderator will certainly refrain people from breaking the rules. I will be able to settle arguments that may occur in an attempt to make sure everybody has an enjoyable experience.

5. Which servers do you usually play on and what time?:

I mainly play on Jailbreak servers and hop on trade servers occasionally. Recently I have also been playing on just regular map servers a lot.

As for when I play it would be at 12:00 Am - 5:00 Am PT (Pacific Time). However, I will be willing to go on any server should a report come in.

6. Do you have any experience administrating through SourceMod?:

I do not however I am a quick learner and very willing to learn.

7. How have you supported the community so far?:

I have donated the sufficient amount for Vip+. I am active on discord. I help new players and explain the rules to those that do not know them as well as report players that knowingly break them. I have corrected a lot of people who think that something is correct when it isn’t i.e. first day freeday, warden can’t bait, etc.

8. Why should we accept you into the team?:

I am quite experienced in wonderland servers. I understand the rules well and I am pretty active in the community. I explain rules to newer players that don’t quite understand them and am quite capable of defusing situations and arguments.

9. Anything else you want to tell us (maybe about yourself)?:

I feel as if everything I wanted to say was stated in my first application so I will use this space as a way to say what I have done in the time in between my applications.

I understand that the biggest concern facing me was that in the past I sometimes initiated votes without contacting staff first. I understand what I have done wrong and reflected upon that, so in the time between me applying again I made that my main focus of improvement. I believe I have improved on this con by refraining from using the voting system instead opting to make a report on the forums should a staff member not turn up (Unless of course, the person is repeatedly mass freekilling and such). I believe that the amount of reports I have made has improved as well. I believe I have made an improvement on this and hopefully I can show that I have changed enough to be fit for staff.

Brando Oats

Sweet Relief
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Nov 20, 2018

You have shown yourself more than capable. I have no doubt you have what it takes. While I haven't checked logs yet, I trust that you've improved and have heard nothing ill of you.


Admin ★
Jul 3, 2018
The time frame you listed for moderating is quite unique, intriguing, and could be of great use to the staff team. I'll take your word for what you said in response to #9. Seems as though you've improved behavior-wise and are aware of using VIP powers when necessary. I'll gladly support as long as nothing negative appears during the voting phase of the application.


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Jul 15, 2017
  1. Covering unique timezone.
  2. Active on Jailbreak.
  3. Frequently reports rule-breakers (though I would prefer that you used /calladmin more as opposed to forums).
  4. Application is good.
  5. Clean chat-logs.
  1. Bad punishment record (although, it's all from quite a while ago, so it's negligible).
  2. Past VIP abuse.
  1. I haven't played with you that much, so I can't attest to your behavior in-game being good. I also have heard some concerns about you being a bit of a, for lack of better terms, "smart aleck" in-game. I know this is something comes with playing Jailbreak, but as a staff you must set an example for others, and therefore not encourage provocative/argumentative behavior.


I'll give a +1 pending that other staff who have played with you more frequently can get behind your behavior in-game being sufficient for staff and nothing else of concern arises. The con I mentioned is really the only thing that makes me a bit unsure about you, but being a "smart aleck" on Jailbreak isn't the worst so long as you follow common sense and don't get too inflammatory. Either way, things seems to be going good for you so far with this application, so best of luck!


Finding Paradise
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Jan 8, 2019
Due to what the other staff members have said , and the fact that the times i have seen you in-game you had a temperate and calm behaviour i'm voting +1