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Jul 2, 2018
Hello there ,
I have been playing on Jailbreak for quite some months now but sometimes I have some issues with the rules because so I just want to clarify some points :
1) Are you KOS if you kill a baiter in your cell WHILE desobeying warden's orders ?
Sometimes, I'm getting kill for that reason and some other times I'm not getting kill for this.
2)Do a RED need to finish the minigame if he is the last red that didn't rebel or isn't a freeday ?
Some warden wants the last red to finish like obby or dr to get lr is that legal ?
Because from my point of view it is if you are the last red (Non rebeling or Non freeday) you get lr immediatly.
3)Non related to the rules but can someone explain(Or send me a link to the related post) what happened about the maps because I didn't play since the start of July and when I comeback I see tons of new maps.

Thanks to everybody that will read and aswer this post


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Jul 16, 2017
No worries, i'll help ya.
1) If a blue enters your cell, during days/orders that order reds to remain in cells, they are baiting until they leave or are killed to solve the problem. The reds have the right to make the blue leave the cell by force, while at the same time ignoring orders to do so, as long as the blue leaves the cell or dies. If a blue goes into your cell, and you hit them for baiting, and they kill you BECAUSE you hit them, then that's a freekill.
2) The last non rebelling red is not to be ordered to finish a game to get lr. If they are the last one, they get lr, unless they die by some means (like map casualty).
3) Not too much has happened with maps, we added snowday! There was a Nintendo maps server, there have been tweaks here and there, database maintenance, new staff members! A small amount of things, things I have also forgotten.

Hope this helped clear some things up for ya.
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