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    Alright, since I just noticed that there's finally an actual Nintendo server, I would like to make some suggestions.
    I want to make these suggestions, partially on my own accord and my own reasons, but also so the server can be a bit more enjoyable then it already is.

    The two main things I want to bring up that I believe are NECESSITIES are:
    Being able to use Hook shot
    No fall damage

    My reasoning for the Hook shot being a necessity is because, a lot of the Nintendo maps, are pretty big, and hook shots can get people to go out of reasonable bounds, but with a lot of the maps being either big, or needing some way to traverse it in an easier way, I feel like it would be necessary to add the ability to use it for this reasoning. Hook shot in general is just a really good way to travel too, and as someone with VIP perms, it felt kinda annoying just sitting with a jet pack and kart trying to go across some maps.

    My reasoning for adding no fall damage, is because a lot of the maps on the current set have either big falls or high-low land, or just cliffs that seem small, but fall damage can keep mounting up. So those that fight here, will have an easier time fighting, and those just looking around the map, can have an easier time looking around. No fall damage with hook shot go well with each other if someone just wants to go around the map or reach somewhere fast without the risk of dying.

    This is the section where I'm going to list some things I feel like should be added for fun use, but at the same time I feel like could get rejected for their counter-effects:
    Player Models
    Friendly Command
    Vote Extend Map
    Warp Commands

    First I'm going to bring to the table Player Models, which, player models are neat, and as I've seen through servers, when there is player models, they're used half of the time, if not, more than half. The problem with player models, which I know of, is that sometimes they can take a toll on how long it takes to load on the server, and such, which can be a problem, especially with large maps (like oot, and bsor in the current set, 2 really big maps) because they originally can take a good amount of time to load on as maps, but with models, it can take even longer. Some people can load in fine with models, but through the majority, it can take some time to load in, which can be seen as a problem.

    Second thing I want to bring to the table is a friendly command. A lot of people debate that a friendly command is either good or bad, but that's also why I still want to bring the idea to the table. A friendly command, has it's ups and downs, and from what I'm aware, it's mostly from either players just doing what they want with the friendly command, to the down part being, that it could be possible to destroy building n such with a friendly command. I really haven't seen a friendly command do that. I feel like a lot of those in the higher-ups might want to deny the idea to do this, but I at least want to bring the idea into the table. (I know that one of the debates is that, "It's a NINTENDO server, not a FUN/FRIENDLY server," which can be agreeable.)

    Vote Extend Map is the next thing I REALLY want to talk about. A lot of the maps on the current map roster, are actually really fun, the problem I saw with that though, is that, there's a nominate, and rtv command. Sometimes 1 hour is an OK amount for Nintendo maps, and it's reasonable, but sometimes, people might want to extend a map, and since there's a limit to how much a map can be nominated, that's kinda something some people that want to stay on a map for more than an hour, could frown upon. But, this can also be a negative thing because it can be abused, in a way where the same, exact, map, is played and there could be a split in the server to the point where nobody can rtv enough, but there can be enough to extend.

    The final idea I want to bring to the table, is a warp command. Nintendo maps have A LOT of secret areas, and if that isn't the case, they have a lot of specific locations that can be gone to. If someone is lazy to jet pack/kart/possibly hook shot (if added,) they could have the ability to teleport to that certain location, par example, oot is a big map, and when you initial go through one of the places from spawn, it's kinda hard going from one place to the other, so the warp command could be implanted so that after going through one, you can warp to another location. Another example for warps could be secret areas, which some could have the idea to add them, either as VIP warps, or normal warps, but, just as an opinion, it could be added as VIP. An example for this could be the fountain buffs in oot (I love using oot map as an example.) The fountains are partially a secret, because more than half of the time, those that are new to the map don't really know where they are. Using warp to teleport to these areas, and areas that are partially inaccessible could be nice. I feel like this could be removed because making warp points for all of these areas can be partially annoying, and also, some, not a lot, but some of the maps already have warps. Though, these warps are limited in some way, they're still warps.

    These are ideas I just wanted to share as suggestions for the Nintendo server.
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