[Suggestion] Edit /wslay Command


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Oct 27, 2017
Firstly, I don't even like the fact that a warden has access to a slay command because in my experience so far, it does more harm than good. Most wardens usually don't have any experience as a staff member so do not know any proper procedure to follow when slaying someone. They usually just listen to whoever is spamming "FREEKILLER" on mic or chat, even if the guard did nothing wrong. I have been free-slayed too many times to count due to this reason on its own.

However, we can lower the risk of this problem occurring as often. A simple change to the vote itself will reduce the number of accidental slays.

1 - [Empty]
2 - [Empty]
3 - [Empty]
4 - No
5 - Yes

Using this format, players will not accidentally press 1 and most likely slay an innocent guard. This is down to two reason. Primarily, some players just hit 1 without reading the vote itself just to get it off the screen. Secondly, the buttons 1, 2 and 3 are commonly used for switching weapons, therefore can easily be pressed coincidentally at the same time a vote is started. I've seen this happen numerous times, including one time when the vote was against me, resulting in me being free-slain (as usual).

I don't know if this is possible but it would be even better if every time the vote was activated by the warden, the number that needs to be pressed for yes/no changes. For example, the first time the vote is activated, 6 - Yes and 9 - No. The second time it's activated, this changes to 4 - No and 8 - Yes and so on. This means that the blues voting will be forced to read the vote and select accordingly as it changes every time. The fact that they will be compelled to read it will reduce the chances of an innocent guard getting free-slain. The same thing can also be achieved to a certain degree if the buttons for [Empty] are greyed out and nothing happens when you press those buttons (1, 2 and 3).

I know when a VIP activates a vote-slay, the layout is similar to the one I have suggested above so I see no reason to not have the same layout for /wslay too.

Lastly, I'd like to suggest an addition of "No Vote" or "Didn't see what happened" to the list. This is kind-of self explanatory but will add a neutral vote. Currently there isn't one so even if the blue had no idea what happened, they will most likely press 1, which will result in a possible free-slay. If a neutral vote is added, their vote wouldn't be counted towards the resulting judgement since they didn't see what happened, which is only fair for all parties involved.

Thank you for reading. Please tell me what you think about the ideas I have stated above.