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TF2 Team Fortress 2 Update Released

Discussion in 'TF2 Blog News' started by wln.tf, Dec 14, 2017.

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  1. wln.tf

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    Jul 13, 2017
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    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
    • Fixed a client crash related to viewing notifications
    • Fixed being able to interrupt taunts using the ConTracker commands
    • Fixed a bug with the Medi Gun not staying attached to players
    • Fixed a bug with the Backburner using its owner's angle to determine whether the attack is behind the victim
    • Fixed a rendering issue with the Spectral Swirl unusual effect
    • Fixed not being able to fire the Dragon's Fury in some areas (e.g. the control point on Nucleus)
    • Fixed not being able to light Huntsman arrows with the Dragon's Fury
    • Fixed Dragon's Fury projectiles not fizzling when hitting water
    • Fixed not being able to detonate stickybombs when switching to melee with secondary attack held down
    • Fixed the charge sound for the Stickybomb Launcher not stopping if the player switches weapons while charging
    • Fixed Quick-Fix Medics not properly following/mirroring the Pyro after launching with the Thermal Thruster
    • Fixed being able to shoot flares through objects like setup gates
    • Fixed the Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol always giving 7hp per-hit
    • Fixed the Winger not counting towards the Scout achievement "Gun Down"
    • Fixed the Festive Sandvich not counting towards the Heavy achievement "Konspicuous Konsumption"
    • Fixed the Rescue Ranger not counting towards the Engineer achievement "Texas Two-Step"
    • Fixed the Genuine version of the Flying Guillotine having no taunt
    • Updated the Vita-Saw so victims spawn random internal organs on hit
    • Updated the Atomizer damage penalty vs players to -15% (from -25%)
    • Updated the party system so invites are shown to all party members
    • Updated the Thermal Thruster stomp damage on other players to be 3x the base fall damage - not the reduced fall damage of the owner
    • Updated the "With Friends Like these..." achievement to check for five friends instead of seven
    • Added the Heals for Reals 2017 community medals
    • Added the "Philanthropist's Indulgence" community medal for Random Acts of TF2
    • Added the "Spectral Snowflake" community medal for the Nightmare Before Smissmas 2017 community showcase

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