TF2 Resolved Toxic behavior

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May 20, 2024
SteamID / STEAM profile of the player: STEAM_0:0:812417874
Date of incident: 31/05/2024
Server name / IP:
Proof of evidence in form of: Screenshots

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Explain what happened & include as much information as possible: So, I was bored and decided to open up TF2 (like a normal human being). Wanted to go to community, since casual is filled with bots (usually) and competitive... let's just say, it's not made for me. Out of all your servers that I had in my Favorites list, all of them were empty except Idle Engineer. Everything was normal until intelligent XIII started to show toxic behavior in form of "ez" (see images 1 & 3). I wanted to stay away from him, but he called me a coward (see image 2) and told me to get good, which I WILL NEVER CONDONE TO DOING THAT IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE (see image 1). I called him out (see image 3) for being a toxic player and even calling him a tryharder (note: tryharding is allowed in any circumstance), but it wasn't enough to the point that I had to call admin. intelligent XIII had incorrectly thought that I called admin for "cheating", while I reported him with "harassment/provoking" (see image 5). Then he decided to drop a bombshell of a roast towards me by saying that I cannot admit defeat (see image 4), and this is where I decided to write this report against him for toxic city.
Additional notes: Happy Memorial Day of the US of A!
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