Accepted Unban me, there’s no evidence.

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Nov 22, 2019
This is to the administrative staff behind my ban, who would not let me reply. There’s simply not enough evidence to ban me. The person who said they won’t appeal my ban even said it could be server lag. His exact words were “ I understand that spectator has a certain degree of latency, and therefore is not perfect (especially with sniper)” meaning this admin knows full well that this ban appeal denial isn’t fully true. He tried to say my crosshair also DIDN’T go over the Heavy’s head. (The heavy was standing completely still, revved up, trying to snipe us with his stock mini gun.)

Of course that sure does look bad, but not nearly enough to ban someone. There’s no way that you would ban me for such a minute detail that even you said could be server lag. This is outrageous. I demand to be unbanned unless there is actual proof. In fact, I would be happy to show my skill first hand. As many spectators as you wish. Any terms. There are so little community servers left with the game dying like this, it’s a shame you’re kicking people out of them for such little discrepancies made by what you said could be the server’s lag and the client’s latency. Another thing, how would I miss a heavy standing still like that? He was revved up and standing still, even a sniper with <50 hrs could hit that. I suggest you look at the replay again, or contact me further, otherwise I will get to the bottom of this, and make sure things like this never happen again.

This is the supposed “proof” I was banned because of, watch for yourself. This is outrageous.



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Jun 11, 2019
I was not the one who banned you in the first place. The proof was a clip from a full video, which is attached at the end of this message. He had edited the clip for brevity, and I think it shows snapping, which is characteristic of an aim bot.

Appeal denied. Do not appeal again.
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