Report Unfair Warden/No Microphone


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Jul 7, 2018
SteamID / STEAM profile of the player:
Player name: XXdestroyerXX
Date of incident: 4:25~ PM
Server name / IP: | ★ WonderLand IL | Jailbreak - Custom Warden - !wmenu
Proof of evidence in form of:

Screenshot stamps:

Screenshot 1) XXdestroyerXX types !w and Wardens himself
Screenshot 2) XXdestroyerXX spams "FREEDAY FOR ALL" 10 seconds later after wardening himself.
Screenshot 3) XXdestroyerXX saying "YOUR WELCOME" and Cheesebean tells XXdestoryerXX to get off if he doesn't have microphone, XXdestroyerXX responds with "NO" which I should have screenshotted.
Screenshot 4) XXdestroyerXX enters armory and begins to armory-camp which is is banned. He also says "i wont leave until canille leaves"

Explain what happened & include as much information as possible:

Last round before XXdestroyerXX begain to commit breaking the rules, I was neithertheless a brutal warden. XXdestroyerXX kept saying that he can kill me and will warden himself, basically trashtalking about me. and give freeday to all REDs. But back to the point, next round I decided to let someone else go warden, and here XXdestroyerXX goes warden (Screenshot 1) the problem with him going Warden is he doesn't have a mic, and 10 seconds later he announces it's freeday when also isn't allowed right away after wardening. (Screenshot 2) when someone in the RED told him you have to have a mic to be on BLU, he responded with a "NO" which I decided to step up and say that you're not allowed to be a warden and give all REDs freeday right away. Less than 10 seconds later he hops back into Armory, and begins to camp there while it's banned, I was going to tell him you can't armory camp, but I was muted at that time. Then I left the server to go report him.