Accepted ungag/unmute appeal

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Sep 16, 2023
1.) Include your ban profile link, if applicable:
Input text here...
Steam ID: 76561199115909476

2.) Explain what happened / why you have been banned:
Explain in detail what has happened & what lead you to your ban.
Well first of all it wasnt a ban it was a gag/muted and I was gagged for homophobia for saying the f slur when it was a slamming of my keyboard or a misstype because I honestly dont remember when I said that and I couldnt tell you if someone asked me.

3.) Tell us why we should unban you:
Input text here...
I would like to say that the thing that I said was a complete smashing of the keyboard or a misstype because I honestly dont know how I said that in the first place and obviously I didnt mean to say it I know it doesnt sound believable but im hoping that you can believe me and ungag/unmute me but even if I stay gagged/muted I promise it wont happen again and I will keep playing this server and if I do get ungagged/unmuted thank you for whoever did so.


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Jun 16, 2018
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It looks more of a keyboard smash to me, but the moment you bypassed the gag, you threw your chance to appeal it out of the window.

That said, the previous punishments were old as hell, so I'll just reduce the punishment to a week (which means it should expire).
Appeal Accepted.
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