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Jailbreak upgrade jail_minecraft_dynf_V10 to astec's new map

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i've been told it's more like a sidegrade (direct quote from someone else); people who have played on the map have expressed their disapproval and confusion regarding some bits. i personally have some problems with the map that leads me to believe the transition from dynf to v11 won't be sleek, especially if done without map rotation set in place.

the lighting is incredibly hard to see in certain - if not most - areas that were previously visible in dark areas, there are now two clubs which can be confusing for players (despite one of them being labelled disco on the outside), and the biggest and most detrimental addition to the map are the breakables in the cells. dynf isn't a map where adding breakables will help. it's too small - reds really have nowhere to run after leaving.

the breakables' health itself isn't thought out very well either. one of the breakables is 2.5x the health of the jeopardy secret, and another is 0.4x the health of it - 500 hp. breaking out of a 500 hp breakable only takes about a handful of seconds - even less if more than one person is working on it. reds will break out of a cell most likely before anyone even goes warden or even leaves armory.

on another note, i haven't explored all of v11 yet, but i've seen people complain about the amount of secrets and that it could be overwhelming for such a small map.

i think v11 is certainly a map that was worked very hard on, but i don't think it's better than what we have now. if the map had to be replaced, jail_minecraft_daylight would be a much better candidate. that map has a lot of good changes in comparison to dynf - all i can remember at the moment is that deathrun buttons are melee-only, which prevents griefing commonly seen in the blu side of that minigame.
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