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Jul 11, 2017
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All the general rules apply to you, however, these rules are for all players with VIP privileges.

You are not an admin, do not take it upon yourself to decide if something is against the rules. If it is unclear or open to interpretation, then do not initiate votes.
Do not use your perks to have an advantage over other players (e.g: killing players while resized small).
You may not backseat moderate, especially while a staff member is online.
Do not use your privileges with the use of exploiting servers
Do not use your privileges with the intent to exploit out of maps to gain an advantage.
Jailbreak: Do not carry out mic checks.

When to use and when to not use vote powers:
Always call staff and wait around 10-15 minutes before using your voting powers, and only use them when it's absolutely necessary.
  • Honorary Members only need to wait 5 minutes before calling votes.
  • However, they should gather evidence of the rule-breaking, and they still need to abide by the rest of the VIP rules.
You can use your vote powers when there are no admins available on the server.
Only use your voting powers when it's absolutely necessary.

All the points below apply after you wait the required time.
If a situation is not on the "when you can use" list then do not initiate votepunishments, instead talk to a staff member and ask if thats something that could be added to the list.

When you can use:
  • All servers;
    • When a player is obviously hacking (obvious flicks and such) (voteban)
    • When a player is constantly spamming chat (votegag/votekick)
    • When a player is constantly spamming voice (votemute/votekick)
    • When a player is constantly spamming commands / items that disrupt the game in any way (voteban/votekick)
    • When a player is being excessively toxic (votegag/votemute/votekick)
  • Jailbreak servers (voteteamban is disabled as of 2/15/2023 due to bugs);
    • When a player is constantly mass freekilling (voteteamban)
    • When a player is abusing warden (spamming commands or not using the commands as they are intended) (voteteamban)
    • When a player keeps using voice while dead in a way that disrupts the game (votemute)
When its not allowed:
Obviously this point is not limited to only this list and you only really need "when to use" but it is made because these are things that are commonly brought up.

When a player is using banned words without spamming
When a player has freekilled only a few times and is not consistently doing so.
When a player is being very mildly toxic.

Any violation of these rules, depending on severity, will result in termination of your privileges.
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Jul 15, 2017
Update November 28, 2020:
  • Lowered the time VIPs need to wait after reports to call votes from 15-20 min. to 10-15 min..
  • Added that honorary members only need to wait 5 min. before calling votes, along with some other points.
  • Clarified that only killing players while resized small is considered abuse. (You can kill players while bigger than normal.)
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