Was Tokyo Ghoul even good?

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Jul 19, 2017
I have had this discussion with 8 before.

I still came to the conclusion that I did before, and that it is a good anime, until the final few chapters:

The Manga was a brilliant display of story writing and used elements of suprise, immersion as well as character development that caused the reader to be interested in all of the actions within the series itself, take Tokyo Ghoul:Re with Shirazu's death, I think everyone who watched that death unfold felt some kind of sadness due to how attached they had become with this new group, we spent the better part of 6 books learning and growing with these characters, and to see one of the coldest members of the group break "Kuki Urie" surcome to his emotions showed how much we thought we knew these characters and how much they had developed.

Moving away from the character development, the story had been well written and fleshed out with extensive amounts of detail and even had a few spin off series called "Jack" and "Pinto" (These being OVA's), there was so much that this Manga had going for it, but the problem was nearing the end of the manga, everything had become really well written, had great character development, andwe felt an attachment to characters we had watched grow, but this is where the Manga takes a downfall:

Vol. 13, near the end of the manga the story had already developed into the "Dragon" arch where Kaneki had transformed into the dragon, this isn't a bad thing, not at all, but following this (If you read about this, you would know that the Sui Ishida, was told to bring the Manga to a close, as it was taking to long to finish), which resulted in the final few chapters and volumes feeling very rushed, there was definitely closure in the final few Vol. of the series, but that doesn't take away from the fact that the Manga felt like it was slapped together in a random order, so much that it was hard to follow the plot, A fine example of this is Dr Kanou, after his death all of his scientists and assosiates started working for the CCG (Which Nishki gets to see Kimi), but there reasoning for joining forces other than the Dragon, or as to how they were even able to get in contact with the CCG for assistance is never really touched upon.

This is just one of the light examples of rushed writing/poorly executed final vol.

I won't touch on the Anime nearly as much as it doesn't deserve the time an attention that I have given towards the manga, I will simply state:

A lot of the anime adaptation had a large amount of cuts from the Manga, after the original 12 episodes of season 1, they started to add there own archs, this is followed by jumpy transitions between situations that characters are placed in, I think in season 3, they tried to ammend this by adding more time towards character growth which let them control the flow of the story, but it also made it feel inconsistent with manga, because a large portion of the audience who have read the manga who have actively compared the two would be able to see the clear difference in detail, scenes and other small pieces of information that need to be included.

My final point being, Tokyo Ghoul as a manga was really good up until its final breaths where it began to fade due to uncontrollable circumstances.

The Anime is worth watching, but if you read the Manga afterwards you will feel more cheated out of a story, and vice versa.

Good manga, Mediocore anime.