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Tchernobyl (Tony)

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Jul 15, 2017
I created this thread so we can share what do we think about what is called the gaming industry (everything gaming related) , and to start off i would like to tell you that the gaming industry is top 1 in entertainment buisness


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Jan 4, 2018
The United Kingdom
The gaming industries is improving by the year. 5 years ago we never knew people invented something called a VR (Virtual reality) sort of thing you would hear on start trek. My first time playing games was when i was 5 years old , The PSP playing spider man swinging from building to building for about a year until i found out something called campaign. 7 years old I played COD I was crap at it probably had a 0.35 KD . 10 Years old i played TF2 being called a f2p on my old account my first memory was VSH on PBFortress . 2014 i started trading got 10+ unusuals and 3 aussi's . 2017 lost my account OOF. 2 week ago made a new account yesterday upgraded to premium brought a dead of night hat and 2 xmas keys . Unboxed once and got a medic might hat (THEN I REALISED IVE BEEN SCAMMED) 1.22 ref hat oof. And then i released i need 1 more crate and i still have that key. Tomorrow ill unbox. Thank you for taking time to read this.


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Jul 3, 2018
I’ve pretty much been gaming ever since I learned how to walk. First game I can recall playing was Star Wars Battlefront II. I’m definitely sure that the popularity of gaming will continuously rise for years to come. The reason I think gaming is popular is that it’s an escape from reality for many people and some games are so immersive that people like to believe they’re in the game. It’s a lot more immersive than a book, that I can say without a doubt.
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