Zm escape voteban abuse

Oct 30, 2018
So whenever i play Zm escape there is 2 guys Heccin and Ingen they are vote bann abusing . Once i vote banned Heccin because he camped on spawn as heavy and delaying round and he vote banned me and thats first time i got banned and he said i voteban abuse , second time i was just playing normal and i connected then he tried couple times to ban me and he finnaly did , third time is now i was just playing and Heccin and Ingen vote banned me cuz ingen like he always says to someone when he vote bann youre annoying . I want this 2 morons to be perma banned from Zm escape or to give them minimal options on Wonderland , Heccin vote ban for no reason and Ingen is banning anyone who he thinks is annoying and people agree its funny to someone get banned and they vote yes but subject usually didnt do anything . I want this to be solved i would like to see those 2 abusers perma banned if not that at least something that wont make them play same like they use to . Btw i changed name to scorp1on on steam so you can see my ban status and ye on jailbreak im guard banned by guy named Fortnite and for no reason ...