Zombie Server - New Improvements!

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Feb 1, 2019
Greetings all who read this ! I'd like to announce that i will be using a variety of ideas to improve my maps to make the zombie server much more "fun". A Lot of you guys tell me that i gets very boring grinding for long periods of time! But fear not my friends ! I have a solution to fixing these problems by creating the perfect product of what you call a map. I'd like to introduce a few ideas that might change the game play of the zombie server. Some of these ideas are from the public and some are of my own. These ideas include many new things that will alter your'e game play, for example it will most likely change your strategy. Here are some of the ideas that I,and others had came up with to improve game play:

1: Fair infected spawns
Example: Humans that attempt to go in will most likely go into a invisible barrier otherwise called a "force field" in SDK

2: Defenses + Traps
Example: Landmines, sentry guns, barbed wire, etc.

3: Missions + Extras
Example: Missions will be simple so people aren't puzzled. Maybe you have to destroy a generator to get through a door or find a button, or hold a point to unlock a new area.
Extras: Extras will be special mini secrets that i will add into my maps that can either help you or kill you : )