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    Why the fuck is unlocking the forgotten so hard?

    Mom’s foot has some benefits, in that it is essentially bombs for hp, and it hurts enemies. Also, any form of bomb immunity makes the foot deal no damage. I would recommend isaac for this actually. Good hp, ability to reroll, (So higher chance of bomb immunity) and normal tears are more reliable...
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    Wich of these bands is your favourite ?

    Definitely Led Zeppelin
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    SiNine AMA

    Probably either Tetris or older Pokemon games, though I haven't played Pokemon in years and years. even though they're like the typical popular older games. I really want to try Morrowind but it's a pretty tough game to just like chill and play so I haven't gotten around to it.
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    SiNine AMA

    What is a game you see yourself revisiting a lot? So I have this sort of ritual I guess where I play through almost all of The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion once a year around Christmas time because that's when my uncle first got me the game which got me into rpgs. One game(s) I think I'll probably...
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    SiNine AMA

    Favorite thing to do in JB I love pokemon day, most fun day for me by far. I play tons of demoknight so melee fights are a thing I like. I also love going warden on rounds when it isn’t pokemon day. Coke or Pepsi Gotta be Coke, but I like both. Haven’t had either in a while though actually. Used...
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    SiNine AMA

    You all know the deal. I don't know if anyone would be interested in this or not, but why not throw it up here for fun.
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    What do you wanna be in the future/What is your dream job?

    I plan on going to college for a few things. I want to make games, so I’m planning on going into a computer science program for two years, getting a diploma there, then moving to digital design, and getting a diploma there as well, and then ideally finally going to an actual game design course...
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    TF2 Force or Soda?

    Guess this is the unpopular opinion, but I think Soda Popper is better. Soda Popper reloads 25% faster than the FaN, and the knockback on the FaN is actually a downside for somewhat serious play. The knockback is so strong that if there’s anywhere to go backwards, the FaN will launch them...
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    New LR Idea

    Ok first off I think they can force weapons, take for example samurai day, but I don’t know, it seems a bit boring and it could get drawn out. As for the all spies thing for “trickstab day” let’s be honest, unless the other person is clueless, trickstabs are almost 100% lag dependant at this...
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    Yeah sure I can play either scout demo or soldier, but I’m best at scout so yeah
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    Hunger Games Season 2: Total Drama Wonderland

    Victory will be mine
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    Hunger Games XX: End of an Oats?

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    Declined JB Suggestion (Guard Pyro)

    The Phlog is one of the worst flamethrowers, it's just good for wm1 players. No airblast is too bad.
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    TF2 Jailbreak Dodge Day

    Yeah, but that's kind of the irritating part for me. At least with the others, you know that, for example, you WILL get crit and killed if you mess up. With this, as the suggestion's poster said, a demoman COULD miss his literally one charge attack on the warden and kinda just get screwed by...
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    TF2 Jailbreak Dodge Day

    I'm gonna be honest I dislike almost every one there... I'm not a big fan of most lrs. This one just seems like it just has more potential than most to be really annoying. That's just what I think at least