★ MK11 S-Tier List Explained ★


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Jan 4, 2018
we will Start of with S tiers characters first

Just to let yall know can i not have any nerds talking about that kid play fight game smash bros here !, Thx
I'm addicted to this game on PS4

Sonya blade - definitely needs a nerf i know she is a S tier character but jeez , for her they should make a Z tier a tier higher than S which is Z. Her attacks and moves are very quick but i think there to quick. Most of her Blows reduce the enemies health by 50% which is to OP. Also most say shes the best in the game.

Geras - His a Tank like character his attacks are to much damage and i think they've over done this character this guy is also a S-tier character he is also a great competitive character just it would be better if the combos were not so critical and more balanced.

Erron Black - This guy is just the gun slinger of MK11 his S tier , Zoning levels reach 100 super cancer on online matches makes you want to eat you'r pillow from anger. This character can win the game without even being near you his just the definition of Community Cancer. Somehow this guy is allowed to be used in competitive.

SKorpion - This guy has prolly the most coolest Moves his fire combos are just lit i'm a big fan of his hell port move where he teleports behind the enemy most combos use the hell port move and i also like most of the sword moves which gives SKorpion options to fight in distanced fights aswell .