Read Me 11/02/2021 - Spawncamping Guidelines

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Spawncamping Guidelines
I. Spawncamping with Sentries is forbidden on:
  1. Mario Kart (mario_kart_2_v30)
  2. Trading maps
    • trade_minecraft_neon & trade_minecraft_realms_v2 are exceptions to this; you may spawncamp with Sentries on those maps.
II. Regular spawncamping is forbidden on:
  1. Orange maps
    • However, on cp_orange_x3, you may enter enemy spawn.
  2. Surfing maps
    • To be clear, this does not cover just shooting into spawn. Spawncamping is considered more consistent, severe, and usually involves exploits.
III. Spawncamping is allowed on:
For all of these (besides Achievement maps), you may not hold open your spawn for enemies to spawncamp.

  1. Achievement maps
  2. Dueling maps
  3. Minecraft World (minecraftworld_a7)
  4. Stock maps
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Jul 15, 2017
Update February 11th, 2021:
  • Removed Wrangled Sentries as an exception to Sentry spawncamp. If they are close enough to spawn, Wrangled Sentries are now disallowed.
  • Allowed players to enter enemy spawn on cp_orange_x3, because the map has no spawn doors or team barriers, and players spawn with a few seconds of UberCharge.
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