3/12/2022 - General Rules

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Jul 13, 2017
General Rules
These rules apply to all of our servers/platforms unless stated otherwise.
I. General Offenses
  1. Do not advertise other communities.
    • Any other links are up to staff interpretation.
  2. Do not use any sorts of exploits (name hacks, aimbot, spinbot etc.)
    • This includes exploiting maps or server plug-ins.
    • This also includes teleporting enemies into spawn.
  3. No NSFW content of any form.
  4. Do not attempt to scam other players in any way.
    • This refers to the act of using dishonest methods, such as phishing links, to obtain someone's items, account details, or otherwise any form of belongings or personal information.
    • While we punish for trade fraud, it is your responsibility to be careful when trading. We are not responsible for anything lost in a scam. >More Info<
  5. Do not spawn trap or spawn camp.
    • Staff have final say on what is spawncamp/trapping. Refer to >here< for most of them, though.
  6. Do not abuse the report system.
  7. Do not attempt to avoid given punishments.
    • Ban Evasion or otherwise will result in longer punishment times.
  8. You may not trade credits for TF2 items or anything else other than store items.
II. Communication Offenses
  1. Respect your fellow members, the community's staff, and the community itself.
    • Insulting one another will not be tolerated.
    • Do not lie to staff.
    • Do not threaten or spread misinformation against others or the community.
  2. No hate speech of any format.
    • This includes any use of slurs or variants on slurs.
  3. When using voice-chat, it'd be appreciated if you could stick to English only so that most people (especially staff members) can understand you.
    • However, staff who speak a given language may give permission for it to be used while they are on the server
  4. Do not mic- or chat-spam under any circumstances.
    • However, playing music is allowed under certain circumstances, those being:
      • If the audio is good quality.
      • If there's less than 20 players on the server.
      • If a server vote (done by staff) has 75% or more approval for playing music.
    • If staff aren't on to do a vote, then you must stop playing music if there's multiple complaints.
    • Music is not allowed on Jailbreak by default, however, staff may allow it if it won't obstruct gameplay (such as Pokémon music during Pokémon Day).
  5. Do not argue with staff.
    • If you have a complaint then post it on the forums, contact the staff member, or contact the proper sources privately.
    • Do not start pointless arguments with staff.
    • This also goes for regular players too; do not start pointless arguments.
  6. Revealing staff are online is an offense, unless they have already made themselves known.
  7. Do not disrespect or spread misinformation about other online communities on our platforms.
    • Raiding other communities in our name will result in an indefinite ban.
  8. You may not encourage players to break the rules.
    • Offering rewards for rule-breaking will result in an immediate ban.
III. Other Rulings
  1. Staff have final say in the interpretation of any rule.
    • Staff reserve the right to add or amend rules at any time to close loopholes or to keep the server a friendly and fair place.
  2. Sprays, decals, and item names/descriptions that violate our rules are still disallowed.
  3. We discourage idling on combat-focused servers (with an autobalance system, e.g. Orange & 2Fort) for an extended period of time.
    • Go to Spectator if you need to AFK.
  4. On Achievement Engineer, map exploiting is allowed due to the map’s unbalanced design (e.g. opening doors from the outside).
    • This does not include Teleporters leading into spawn or any other form of exploit.
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