Guy pretended to be me in wonderland servers.


Jul 28, 2021
One day, I had a 1v1 with a guy on a tf2 server. He got mad because he lost and started swearing and threatening to dox me, even though I was friendly with him and never said anything to him. He hopped on to a bunch of tf2 servers pretending to be me and saying "Hi it's me Maggot Killer". He was swearing, being racist, and most likely cheating and one of those servers was a wonderland server. Then I decided to hop on a wonderland server and I saw a friend that I had on steam and I said: "Yo sup it's me Maggot Killer" (Maggot Killer) and got permanently banned for the reason 'Avoiding Punishment'. I, unfortunately, don't have any screenshots of the conversation I had with the guy. If any admins see this, please don't keep banning me it was not my fault. (Old steam account was named Maggot Killer which got hacked and is now named Mrazota Killer