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Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by Xypher, Jul 13, 2017.

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    A giveaways is something that you want to share with others by gifting it randomly to someone. It can be a virtual item, game keys, gift cards, etc.

    I am pretty sure, that you want to make some conditions for the people that can enter your giveaway.
    Here are some premade conditions that you can use.

    For example:
    • Min. number of posts
    • Post a message, poem or joke (Best one wins!)
    • Solve the riddle
    • Don't enter if you already own the game or item
    • Deadline for the giveaway
    The giveaway can be decided randomly by a generator, or bound to your condition(s).
    Please remember to post your conditions. No conditions means, that everyone can enter.
    If you don't post a deadline then the giveaway will end in 7 days after the topic was created.

    Please check your thread before you post it, if everything is correct.
    Do not change your first post, ask a moderator if he/she will change it instead of you.

    Important: The topic creator of the giveaway is responsible for it. doesn't offer items or games by itself.
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