Mann Co. Supply Key Giveaway | Easy Steps

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Jul 7, 2018
Hello everybody and welcome to my first-ever giveaway on this nice community and platform. I will be giving away my 1 Mann Co. Supply Key to a person who wins this easy giveaway. On how this works is pretty easy and familiar to this (other giveaway) made by Reckless Flute Guy.

I want you (Who is wanting to enter this giveaway) to post a meme, and the theme will be "BlackWonder" I want to see some funny memes about it, especially about their harsh rules or at times, their administrators abusing their powers.


- The theme for this will be "BlackWonder".
- Your Forum Account has to be existing for a week(7 Days) or longer prior to making a post.
- Do not copy ANY of the templates and use them for entering the giveaway that are from (there).
- No NSFW or Gory Templates can be used for entering this giveaway.
- Must be a appropriate meme.

If I leave you a 1539215056217.png rating on your post, that means I have declined your entrance to this giveaway, mostly because of a failure to follow my Rules above.
If I leave you a 1539215077629.png ,1539215092119.png, or 1539215114458.png rating on your post, that means I found it really funny or a well-made meme, but it also increases your chance of winning the giveaway.
I will pick the winner at Wednesday, October 17th 2018. I will add you on Steam and send the trade offer of my Mann Co. Supply Key. Failure to respond to my friend request within 72 hours prior to the date when my giveaway ended will result your gift being given to the creator of the second well-made/funny meme instead.

I wish everybody entering the giveaway a good luck from me!


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Jul 15, 2017
I do not want to encourage public ridiculing of other TF2 communities, neither deal with the drama/issues that could stir up from this.

Closing, you are free to post another giveaway with different conditions of participation.
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