My thoughts on the new Residents single featuring Pixies front man Black Francis


Nov 2019
I guess this is my thing now.

Who are The Residents, and why should you care?
From Wikipedia: "The Residents are an American art collective best known for their avant-garde music and multimedia works. Since their first official release, Meet the Residents (1974), the group has released over sixty albums, numerous music videos and short films, three CD-ROM projects, and ten DVDs. They have undertaken seven major world tours and scored multiple films. Pioneers in exploring the potential of CD-ROM and similar technologies, the Residents have won several awards for their multimedia projects. Ralph Records, a record label focusing on avant-garde music, was started by the band in 1972."

What's so special about this new single?
Well, considering the fact that this the band's first new material since their 2018 effort Intruders, I basically came in my pants when spotify notified me that a new single had been released. The first thing that struck me was the new look the band members had on the cover of the single, all of them were clad in black tuxedos and red ties, and all wore demonic panther-like masks, this is a farcry from the band's well known attire of white suits and volleyball sized eyeball masks with top hats. This aside, the first few seconds of the song are kicked off with intense, dark instrumentals that give off a uncomfortable feel, (atleast to me). Then suddenly fucking Black Francis from Pixies gives a vocal performance that is utterly horrifying; I love it.

Overall thoughts
When it comes to giving my thoughts on music, I'm no Fantano. However, I can personally say this is one of the best pieces of music I have ever heard from the band, something about the ghastly instrumentals accompanied by Francis's almost joker like vocals gives me such a feeling of freight that I honestly cannot express in words, the sheer production on the single is one of the best sounding I've ever heard on a Residents song, and I honestly cannot wait to see what else the band has in store for their upcoming album It's Metal, Meat & Bone: The Songs Of Dyin' Dog.

Link to the song:

(give it a listen, tell me what you think.)

and yes, the music video is about trump and his handling about covid-19, but no need to worry about that.