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Jul 2017

  • 1000 words minimum
  • Must be an erotic fan fiction
  • Must involve one political figure of ww2
  • Cannot involve these words "Sex", Any genitalia, *variations of words*, Penis or anything else lewd.
  • Can involve anyone words that substitute them such as saying "He had a spicy chicken alfredo fajitta spaghetti" (So it is not to nsfw)
  • Can be Gay, Straight, Lesbian, ETC or it can literally be a fucking robot? idk depends what you losers are into :)
Due date:-
30th October, Midnight.
Submittion, please DM me the Fan Fictions so that if it is "Lewd" or what you assume Lewd, no one can read it until I have so it is safe for work.
Here is my Discord: . -.. . -. .. --- -.#3324 Feel free to add me and then let me know that it is your submission, then comment on the thread you have sent me your finished piece.
Once I have approved you have completed it, I will (At the end of every week), Add a list of people who have been entered.


Like ummm any TF2 item of your choice under 5 keys. (Can be unusual, australium *if you can find one cheap enough*, a weapon, cosmetics, taunts etc).
If you choose one item worth 1 key, you can pick items till you have 5 keys.
If there is an Item in my BP (which i doubt), that you would prefer as a prize then you may have that item.

Just try not to be too lewd, enjoy yourself, let your imagination run free, And one more thing, if you can find a way to link in an M4 sherman, A picture of Jesus christ, A picture of a great American Flag from American dad and Taco Bell you will have your Prize limit increased to 7 Keys.

Best of Luck everyone Lots of Love:

PS. I will be reading the Fan Fictions in Discord 2 days after the giveaway ends. Best of luck.
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