TF2 (NVIDIA) How to make your game look blocky


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Apr 2020
Heyo! For this guide you will need NVIDIA inspector, what we will be doing is we'll be lowering our lod bias all the way to 20, making our game look like those n64 games from an old era.

1) Download NVIDIA inspector and open the nvidiaProfileInspector.exe

2) At the top, click on the dropdown menu called profiles

3) Scroll down until you find Team Fortress 2

These are the two categories we need to be looking at. You will have both of them greyed out or have something else selected in their place. First of all, find the Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling option and change it to AA_MODE_REPLAY_MODE_ALL, we need it for our lod bias stuff to work. Down below you'll see Texture filtering - LOD Bias (DX), you will see a lot of options that are positive and negative numbers, set it to something like +3.00, it doesn't matter for now. Now, at the top press apply changes. After that to the left of that you will see this button
Hover over it to make sure it says "Export user defined profiles", click on it and press "Export current profile only", save it somewhere where it is easily accessible and go to its location.

Now you will have a file like this:

Right click on it, press open with, press choose default program and find notepad. Now when that is done your file will be openable with the notepad and you can edit it.

So now, open it up and it will look something like this:

Find the <ProfileSetting> and under it find <SettingID>7573135</SettingID>

Change the <SettingValue> to 120 just like in the image. Now you're almost done, open up your nvidiaProfile inspector again and drag the file in, it should say "Profile successfully imported" and now your game will look blocky and its possible that it will also improve your fps. Here's how your game will look (Skins WILL be affected):




I hope you enjoyed and found this guide useful. Keep in mind and please do not ask: This will NOT get you VAC banned.


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Sep 2020
This is basically how to turn every game back into Counter Strike 1.6 era. Non-functional, but always cool if you wanna try it out. Thanks for this!