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Discussion in 'Declined Appeals' started by [KASF] Kestrel_KoF, Jun 7, 2018.

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    1.) Include your ban profile link:

    2.) Explain what happened / why you have been banned:
    A couple friends and I jumped onto the mariokart server late at night/early morning. There were three to four other players on at the time, and my friends ended up on the opposite team of me and we all ended up being snipers off the bat and were chatting in discord. Within about ten to twenty minutes all of the other players had swapped to cloak and dagger (some possibly invis watch) spies, so we continued sniping/chatting and just called each other's spies out whenever we saw them (we have callouts for the majority of the mariokart map and end up making them up as we go). Shadow was saying that he was doing an experiment for his friend about how we were finding and killing cloaked spies, and I responded back about us being in voice with each other and calling out the locations (for honesty sake I did shoot at Shadow when he was on my team and under cloak once, though it was because we didn't have a callout for the spot and the friend I had nearby couldn't figure out where I was even talking about and I got frustrated with him). My friends had swapped to scout and a few other classes throughout and I continued to run around as sniper (callouts dropped in frequency later on because of people swapping off of spy), so we continued playing. We had figured that he had reported us and ignored it (Shadow hadn't liked us on the server for a while at this point), nearing when we got banned I saw that R4 had joined and alt-tabbed to check the wonderland discord (felt like I recognized the name so I was checking if he was an admin), and by the time i alt-tabbed back in I was banned and a friend told me that the reason was exploiting. Bit after that my friends had gotten banned as well.

    3.) Tell us why we should unban you:
    Honestly I had never considered calling out people on our own teams as exploiting and have done it throughout the servers I have played, including the wonderland mariokart for months with there never being an issue (I was also aware of the rules for wonderland servers because of my previous two bans), right after getting banned I re-checked the rules on ghosting/callouts and the only place it was mentioned was in the jailbreak server rules (also the way exploiting is described makes it sound focused towards people with cheats/hacks). Overall though I understand the reasoning behind the ban (I mean it makes sense, it isn't fun going against others that know where you are), but we would've stopped instantly if we were warned about calling out teammates locations (we really try to stick to the rules on the server and to follow what the admins ask of us just because we don't want to be a problem to them).

    If requested I can provide a few videos throughout the night of that night (I have about eleven videos throughout, though would prefer not posting all of them so if there's anything specific that is needed to be seen I can see if I have it). One of my friends should have a clip of him head shotting a cloaked spy after I called them out, and can see if he can post it as well.

    On a final note if this goes through would it be possible to get my other two friends unbanned with just this appeal, or will they need to submit their own appeal for the sake of formality/their view?
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    I find ignorance an unbelievable excuse, and given the trouble caused by you and your friends previous to the ban, I will not be removing the ban.

    Appeal denied.
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