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    Invalid Banned for "Avoiding Punishment" when I had a vpn on

    Hello, the admin who mistakingly punished you has already removed your ban. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
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    I made that face on dark souls 3

    I made that face on dark souls 3
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    Hunger Games XIX: Castle Oats

    time to *not* use a suicide booth
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    Nixx's thoughts

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    Hunger Games XIII: Kingdom Oats

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    Accepted banned wrong person

    Hello, it looks like you've been infact banned accidentally for the reasons you've wrote in your post, we're very sorry for what has happened and you'll be unbanned shortly.
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    Resolved Racism

    User has been punished, thank you for reporting.
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    Resolved suicidal threat and other nonsense

    User has been punished. Thanks for reporting.
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    Accepted Ah yes the third one this month (Jailbreak Ban)

    We recognize the present staff member's fault, and decided to grant you a second chance, do keep in mind that you must wait 10 minutes after your call the next time. Yet we've also decided that due to your bad behaviour shown by your chat logs, you will recieve a silence for one day. Appeal...
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    Accepted got banned for being a bot

    Hello, there seems to have been a mistake when we banned you, we're very sorry for what happened. You'll be unbanned shortly.
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    Accepted My perma ban appeal

    Hello, reading through your appeal has convinced me into giving you a second chance since it is true that you've never caused any problems in our servers despite having a considerable amount of hours here. Do make sure that this doesn''t happen again though. Appeal Accepted.
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    Accepted Banned for "cheating"

    After reviewing the footage of what should have been of you cheating I have come to the realization that you infact weren't. I am deeply sorry for my misjudgement, and I hope that you can have fun playing on our servers again. Appeal Accepted.
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    Invalid Dt3stu's unban apeal

    Hello, it looks like you've written your appeal in the wrong forums, you've been banned from, not Sadly we can't do anything about it. Closed.