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    Declined Admin Application | Jellal

    Except it was not made up. It was totally real and had been real most likely since before you joined. I'm not sure trying to argue how a rule works with the rule's creator is much more professional. However this is, as you say, not even remotely relevant to the major situation that's been...
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    Declined Admin Application | Jellal

    Doubtful. I can give you a very small list of people who knew me during that time. That'd be like Saturoz, Eternity, Wizard, partly Horse. Unless you got one of these, I'm afraid the person you're referring to did not actually know me personally and I'd put some doubt into your judgement...
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    Declined Admin Application | Jellal

    Oh my, I didn't know this rewinded time so that you never said it to begin with. A true saint. We've already established that you did not "do nothing" like you claim. Also, the first thing you did on that server after the incident with your messed up item was actually to ignore me. An Admin...
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    Opinions on Steam beta

    First thing that happened on my end was that the chat window I was typing in wasn't even a window. Couldn't find it under Steam in the taskbar. That's all it took for me to opt right back out of the Beta. I'll leave the whole Beta-thing to the people who get less frustrated with the expected...
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    Declined Admin Application | Jellal

    Now, while I do respect your final vote and I won't do a thing to as much as try to change your mind about a single thing in your response, this is not something that I will just take. I'm sure you understand. I do have some things to say about it. This is not a report on you. Can you provide a...
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    sounds very familiar hi
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    Declined Admin Application | Jellal

    I'll be glad to respond to both those points, of course. I appreciate you bringing them forward. This is entirely correct. I would've had total proof of my statements if there were more chances to actually get it. There was merely one instance, and unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention to...
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    Goodbye TF2, Goodbye Wonderland...

    you better be the best damn baker in the mall
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    New around here

    Hello. =D
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    Uh. Hi.

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    Declined Admin Application | Jellal

    Requirements: No VAC/Game ban(s) on record [✔] Clean [+]SteamREP [✔] No active bans on the community [✔] Member in our steam group [✔] At least 16+ years old (preferred 18+) [✔] Team Fortress 2 playtime: 600+ hours [✔] No limited/F2P Steam account [✔] Forum account created at least 2 weeks...
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    Intresting trend in music

    Well, music is very subjective. Nobody can truly like all kinds of music and that's one of the reasons we should be happy that there are a lot of branches in today's modern music. While we may like listening to our own music when we're alone, I'm sure we can agree that the music we like is not...
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    Description for a max head

    The reason why the Easter Bunny doesn't exist.