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    Text not showing up, am I muted?
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    Suggest me an anime to watch

    Here's a few that I kinda like.
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    Hi there! :kathello:
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    Introducing myself

    We already met a few days ago, but hello and welcome to the forums! :kathello:
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    Resolved Lmao Box cheating + Spam

    Just gonna pop in and say that the player in the screenshots wasn't cheating, there was however another cheater - Banana_Milk - that I banned (and who also received a VAC ban simultaneously).
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    Cookie's general post ;D

    h-hi :katblushie:
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    Need Evidence id\Oz-\ [Hacking]

    I would like to mention that I joined the server after you used /call. I spectated Oz- myself, and I really couldn't see anything that made him look suspicious. I also saw his profile before it became private - the guy has tens of thousands of rocket launcher kills and has numerous competitive...
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    thanks :kathug:

    thanks :kathug:
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    Hey, its me!

    Hi there! :kathiya:
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    Heya! :kathello:
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    thank you miss rem

    thank you miss rem
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    thanks man :)

    thanks man :)
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    What is everyone's favorite map on TF2?

    I always liked orange_x3 for how simple it is. For visual appeal, I'd go with Suijin. Upward and Badwater are probably my favorite ones to play though
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    Smash Ultimate 3.0

    Well, that's a completely different character. This Joker is from Persona 5.